At my new job I get to experience a couple of relaxing morning events.

A cuppa joe. They have a Starbucks single serve coffee machine in the lunchroom. It usually works and produces an acceptable (at least for me) cup of coffee. Some days the small coffee selection somehow spits out a medium amount of beverage and I get to spend some quality time cleaning up the mess. But for the most part it is a nice simple task to start out the day.

Sunrise. After the first cup is made I stroll over to my desk and take the first look to the east from the top floor window. So far most every morning I get in before the sun comes up. Except for the foggy days like Friday I get to see the sun slowly peek it’s head over the horizon and then seemingly leap up into the sky to start the day.

And then there are the trains. Downtown Clearwater has a train track that runs down the middle of East Ave. which is a half a block due east from my seat on the 12th floor. Just about every day a couple of locomotives makes the trip from somewhere south of here up to somewhere north of here and collects some freight cars. Freight cars that generally contain what looks like sand. So after making the first cup of coffee, and watching the sun rise I listen for the plaintive sounds of train horns.

From Sunrise

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