We decided yesterday that it…

We decided yesterday that it was time to clean the frog house. These litle guys secrete a toxin that apparently accumulates on the surfaces in the tank. If you let it go too long it can be toxic to the frogs themselves.

This one is actually named Frog.

A picture named Toad.JPG

When I went out to take the photos of the Spider Lilies the other day another unusual thing happened.

When we first moved in to the house the peacocks used to come by almost every day. We would be sitting on the deck and they would walk right in and eat out of your hand. They would also sneak up to the screen door, while we sat inside reading the newspaper, and scream that piercing peacock scream and scare the crap out of you 🙂 Well, slowly they stopped coming as often and now we hardly see them in our neighborhood, they seem to spend all their time in the neighborhood just north of us.

As I walked back to the house I noticed a group of young male peacocks walking up the sidewalk across the street.

A picture named Peacocks.JPG

A picture named Habs.JPGHabaneros

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