My Sunday Morning


Got up early to chase a stray cat of the deck, then feed the cats, and back to bed for a little more sleep. Then it’s a little bit of CBS Sunday morning on TV. Sit down and check the mail, post a couple of photos from the North Pinellas Photo Forum photo walk from yesterday morning. Mmmmmm… warm biscuits would be nice, a cup of coffee and it’s time for the Folk Show on WNUR 89.3

Reading the “news” and found an interesting item about about politics and playing to the base, rather than trying to attract or inform, and from the marketing perspective the same concept of going deeper or wider to attract new customers, a thought provoking story about awareness by David Foster Wallace that perhaps should be told to students as they enter college rather then when the leave, and in a similar note an item from Ronnie’s TimeGoesBy site that sums up much of the joy in life at the moment:

I drink wine
I listen to music
I read books
Often at the same time.

Might have a lazy day, spend some time out on the front patio, may even have a pivo, or two.

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