Happy Valentines Day

I was reading a post today written by another member of the Widowed club.  I find this one of the most difficult of the “holidays”.

The girls and I found our comfort in each other on the “regular” holidays. We tried our best to continue our family traditions with the family we still have. We tried to travel one Christmas and we ended up promising that we would always celebrate Christmas at home.

Then there is Valentines. This “holiday” is different than all the other family celebrations.

This was the one for you and your love. Now the love of our lives is gone, that is the person we loved, but not the love we still have in our hearts for the ones we have lost. I find the struggle to understand this love I still have one of the hardest parts of being widowed. All this love and no way to express it, to feel it.

I guess I just redirect it to my daughters in some way. I love you girls with all the love I have. You are amazing young women, and I’m sure your mother is as proud as I am, for all you have achieved. I look forward in the hope that you will find happiness and joy in your lives.

Happy Valentines day, Love Dad

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