Friday night was the Clearwater…

Friday night was the Clearwater Night Parade. This year Chelsey’s Jr. Girls Scout troop was in the parade, as was one of Lindsey’s friends dance troop, as well as one of the skating clubs. It rained all morning but by the time of the parade it had cleared up and is was a beautiful night for a parade. I’ve posted a few photos:

Clearwater Night Parade photos

Saturday night I went to the hockey game with some of the “boys”. The Lightning won, beating the Islanders, who looked like skating pumpkins in their new orange and black jerseys. We stopped after the game at one of the local pubs and I had a little too much. I wonder why drinking can’t be more like eating. Once you’ve had enough to eat you get full, but with drinking once you’ve had enough, you just want more :O

I was a little fuzzy today, but was able to get some more holiday shopping done.

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