This is for everyone who…

This is for everyone who hasn’t received our holiday card yet. I couldn’t come up with the words for a Holiday note this year, but Lindsey comes through yet again with the words I would like to write but I am unable to. Thank you Lindsey for having the words.

Click the snowflake to see our Holiday Card Photo.

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    What a year. Hurt. Thatís one word to describe it. Physical and emotional. But to every yang, thereís a yin. To every negative thereís a positive. We have had so much help. So much love. Sure, we lost a whole lot, but in a way it isnít as much as we all think. She isnít here physically. But she will never die. As long as we remember her. A mother, a sister, a cousin, an aunt, a friend. She was wonderful and will forever be in our hearts. Thanks to all friends for when life was tough you helped us through it all.

In loving memory forever.
You all are in our hearts.
Happy Holidays

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