In Remembrance Of Halleys Past

In Remembrance Of Halleys Past “People without kids won’t get this, I’m afraid, but believe me, the responsibility of a child is all-encompassing.”

Halley was talking the other day about having some time to herself
without the kids and mentioned, referring to her son, how “there is no
greater luxury than waking up knowing he is fine, but with his other
parent”. One of the things that I miss now is that “luxury” of some
time off, some relief from the all-encompassing responsibility. I don’t
get much opportunity for that anymore. It’s not that I worry about how
well all my moms will take care of the girls, it’s just that
all-encompassing feeling that I think only parents truly know, and the
lack of an other parent to share the responsibility with. With all the
other chores and responsibilities we shared, that I have had to take on
myself and delegate to my moms, the thing that wears me down the most
right now is not having someone to hand that responsibility to every
now and then.

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