Rickie Lee Jones talking about…

Rickie Lee Jones talking about happiness in an article in the Guardian.

Picture happiness – what comes to mind? “The first thought is my daughter. I know if my daughter’s not happy, I can’t be happy, and if she’s happy, then all kinds of things can come my way.”

The hardest thing for me to deal with is the thought of my daughters loss.  There is a constant sense of loss for what they won’t have.  It is hard to imagine them being happy knowing what they have lost and the things they will never get to experience because of that loss.  Ihope that the reality of their sense of loss is less than what I fear it is.  I see them having fun all the time at the different venues I chaperone them to.  But, “you can’t choose to be happy, but you can choose to have fun.”  As much as I use that as a mantra for working towards being happy again through trying to have fun, it can also be seen in the view that there is nothing that guarantees that you are happy, just because you are having fun.

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