This evening was the usual,…

This evening was the usual, I run from work to the rink to pick up the girls, then off to Chelsey’s Flute lesson, while Lindsey and I run and pick up some Thai takeout food for dinner, and the sweet girl at the restaurant gives us some amazing tasting Thai Tea while we are waiting, it was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before really smokey iced tea with cream, and then it’s off to get some frog chow (crickets), and then back to pick up Chelsey after her Flute lesson, drive home and drop Lindsey off at so Chelsey and I can run back out to the skate shop to get a new skating dress for her competition Saturday, forgot to get tights so I’ll be heading back again tomorrow night, and finally home again to start working on homework.

It’s school projects night.  I’m just about exhausted, still trying to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get this past weekend, and both girls have big projects that need my assistance.  Chelsey is making a salt dough map of OCEANIA, while Lindsey needs a piece of foam core poster board cut into the shape of Clay County Florida.  It’s fun to help the girls with these school projects, but I’m soooooooo tired, and I still have to make lunches, take out the garbage and clean up the mess from school projects night.


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