My little brother and I…

My little brother and I were having a spirited discussion on among other things politics and wealth, and there was some talk about the very wealthiest people in this country. It was interesting to then find this item (via my friend Robert Scoble) while reading my aggregated news this evening. It mentions that during this past year Bill and Melinda Gates gave away half of their family’s wealth. Our discussion was about taxes, but I think what I was really thinking about was my wealth. I can’t afford to give away half of my income, but my wealth is immeasurable. The joy my daughters provide to me, and the love and assistance I get from my family and friends cannot be replaced by all the wealth that the Gates have given away. Sometime I wish I had more monetary wealth so I could give more to my daughters, but instead I give them of myself. I wish I had more to give back to all those who have helped us, but all I can do right now is to say Thank You to all who have helped my girls and I to survive and to try and let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us.


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