Sounds like a snowy day…

Sounds like a snowy day in the midwest and horth east.  Someone mentioned 27″ snowfall forcasts for northern Michigan.  That made me go look for some data on the last winter I spent in Chicago.  This NOAA site has the official Chicago weather extremes where I found this tidbit of info:

Snowfall (in inches) Seasonal Greatest 89.7 in 1978-79

The Chicago Public Library has a page that lists more info, including:

The Blizzard of 1979 started on Friday night January 12 and lasted until 2 a.m. Sunday January 14. On top of a 7-10 inch base left over from a New Year’s Eve blizzard, 20.3 inches of new snow fell–setting a record for total snow on the ground.

I remember the New Year’s Eve blizzard as the one where I tried to open my car door with the house key, and the combined forces of all the blizzards that year led to need to climb up on the roof to shovel the accumulated snow in an attempt to prevent the roof from caving in under the weight of all the ice and snow.  I’ll have to try and find some photos I took back then and post them.

Needless to say I determined that I would never go through that experience again and moved to Florida the next fall.

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