This is a reminder to…

This is a reminder to me to try and make this work somehow.

I like the idea of being able to play the music files on my “main” PC from anywhere in the house.  I would especially like to play them over one of the stereo’s either in my room or the living room.  A couple of these devices would do the trick, but I don’t have that kind of money.

How about this then.  Really all I need is a Wi-Fi enabled device that has audio outputs and can play music files (MP3, ACC, WAV etc).  I think the little iBook would qualify.  So I think all I need is to hook the iBook audio output to one of the inputs on the stereo and then run a music file player, say maybe iTunes, and let it play the music files on my main PC.  I think already have some mini stereo to RCA cables to hook the iBook to the stereos, so all I need to do is figure out how to point iTunes running on the iBook to the iTunes library on my main PC.

To play music I just bring the iBook to the room I want to listen in and plug it in to the stereo and bring up iTunes.  Hm, I wonder if there is some way to hook a remote control up to the iBook?

Looks like I might be up late tonight trying to make this thing work, after skating, and flute lesson, and dinner, and homework, and lunches, and laundry, and taking out the garbage and recycling, and…

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