I found this via The…

I found this via The Shifted Librarian here’s the permalink to her archive item.  The Wireless Broadband Pocket Internet Streaming Player is slowly starting to take shape.

“Besides, put on your Jules Verne cap. Think about what it’ll be like when wireless companies finally roll out broadband networks nationwide and streaming is possible out in the streets. Imagine subscribing to something like Rhapsody on a mobile device that lets you access any song, anywhere, instantly. What will you think of your iPod and its 1,000 songs then?”

It will be here before you know it.  I still think that access to a “huge” library of media (I actually want everything that’s ever been recorded 🙂 via a broadband connection anywhere is much easier than trying to maintain a data center ‘s worth of music on my PC at home, and maybe again on my laptop, and finally on my portable music player.  Who wants to try and maintain all that?  Let Jules Verne take care of managing all that data, doing the necessary backups and organizing, I’ll just sit back and let the music stream over my ears.

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