An interesting story about the…

An interesting story about the Schmoon in the old L’il Abner comics on Ming the Mechanic’s site.  The Schmoo shaped organism resurfaced on the Saturday morning cartoons years later.  Someone will have to remind me what cartoon it was as my feeble memory can’t come up with it at the moment.

The most interesting thing to me was Ming’s comments about finding meaning in life in a world where all our material needs are met.  The implication that pursuing a bigger car provides some level of meaning, and the bigger issues of an irrelevant economic system.

“We’ll have to develop some new ways of finding meaning in life, of course. We can no longer measure ourselves by how good we are at making a living. I think we can manage that. There are many other good things to do in life than just barely surviving or pursuing a bigger car. But some structures will have to be transformed greatly along the way. Not much need for an economic system if we can easily get everything we want.”

For me it is so obvious what brings meaning to my life, my kids!  This doesn’t imply that those without children don’t have meaning in their lives, but those of us who do have children have a constant and consuming need to do our best as we make the daily choices that will hopefully be the best for our children as they grow and become adults.  As much as I want to provide all the toys and stuff that will give them hours of enjoyment, the more important gifts are those of a safe home, a good school, enjoyment of music, literature and the Arts, and all the love and caring I can provide.  My dream would be the ability to spend as much time as possible giving them those gifts.  Time.

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