Not Number 1

“There’s no one there who will stop everything if I really just need to talk. There’s no one here everyday that I can just walk up to and get a hug.”

I noticed an interesting post over on Widownet.  It has to do with our sense of self and of our self worth.  We used to be the number one person in someone’s life, and now we aren’t. So much of what I am was perceived through the lens of how Cindy saw me.  I knew I was important, actually the most important to at least that one person.  That feeling is gone.  That part of me is missing.

Maybe it just takes time to fill that feeling with new people that need me.  How can that be when all I feel is my reliance on everyone else?  I’ve gone from being the most important person, the person that it so needed, to a person who needs everyone else.

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