I like to take pictures.  I my younger days I had a darkroom and did my own developing and printing.  My friend Rob and I would take the train into the city where we would wander the streets to take pictures, then come home and develop our film to see what we got.  I have fond memories of those darkrooms, with the smell of photo chemicals, anxiously hanging up our freshly developed film to dry.

Taking pictures is so much easier these days.  No more film, no more smelly chemicals.  But lots more images, and wonderful new ways to present them.

I’ve found a few photo blogs that I enjoy.  bighappfunhouse is the home for “Accidental art. Found Photographs”.  It reminds me of that old radio station that played all sets of music that had themes.  Each post is a collection of old photographs that share some common theme.  Great stuff.

The photography site that humbles and inspires me is Graham Jeffery’s Sensitive Light.  I look at his photographs and am so amazed at the quality of his images that I want to give up trying to ever reach that level of skill.  At the same time I am inspired to go out and try to capture some of the emotion that he is able to present in his images.

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