Bad things and good things

I haven’t talked about the tragedy in Russia.  I find it hard to
even think about it.  And there was this hurricane thing going on
around here.

Today Doc pointed me over here
which made me realize that like my attempts to deal with my loss and
trying to be happy again, that there may be a way for me to respond to
the bad things in the world by responding in a way that contributes to
the good in the world and allow me to focus my energies not on the bad
things I can’t control and instead on the good things I can.

When the newspaper reporter called me after the accident, and again
after the civil traffic court appearance by the man who killed
Cindy,  I felt as if he was looking for my feelings towards this
man.  I responded then that I couldn’t focus any of my energy on
him that I had to focus on raising my daughters and doing everything I
can for them.  Parhaps I can do that with things like the horrors
of what happened in Russia too.

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