Back to school

The girls are finally back in school today. They were off the last
two days because the school system still had many schools without
power, and no power means no air conditioning which means no
learning. There were also concerns about dangerous conditions on
some of the roads and the hazard that would present to the school buses.

The number of missed days is adding up. It is going to be
difficult to make them all up. There is fear among the parents
that they will try to shorten the holiday vacation. We have big
plans for that whole time and have invested in airline tickets that
would be difficult to change. It sounds like the school system is
worried about meeting the state rules for the number of days students
are ‘required’ to be in school.

Jeb has already been talking about the possibility of altering the FCAT
schedules. It seems that the ‘fine’ test is the most important
thing in our children’s education these days.

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