Alone and Lonely

Halley talks about being Alone But Not.
She talks about the feeling that I sometimes get in the early morning when you
wake and are in that tween state of not dreaming and not awake and you
remember a feeling that was so familiar. Something that you may
have felt thousands of times over the years (365 mornings x 23
years). Is this the same phantom feelings that those who have
lost a limb feel? The feeling that someone is there, or should be
there next to you, but you know that they aren’t. Hence the
knowledge that you are alone but somehow you can still feel someone
there. Alone but not.

A little while back I was quoting the lyrics of a Mary Chapin Carpenter song about being Alone But Not Lonely. I think that this feeling of alone but not, can work to magnify the feelings of loneliness.  Leaving you both Alone and Lonely.

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