Lost Webs

In this post Julie talks about lives being like intersecting circles.
It made me go look for an item I once posted that talked about a conversation I had with a
friend where she described life as a complex web of threads that
connected us to others and what happens to them when one of them dies (and of course I can’t find it to link to).

I keep seeing that web of connections to the friends that Cindy and I
had. Many of those friends were people Cindy worked with over the
years. There were many threads that traveled great distances. 
Those threads ran through Cindy to me. When Cindy died those threads
pulled so many of those friends back to me in the days and weeks after
the accident. And then those threads sort of floated away, like the
strings on helium filled balloons let loose from my hands. A huge part
of the web that Cindy had attached to our lives is gone.

The girls and I are building new webs to new friends, and strengthening
some of the old webs. But Cindy was such a good web builder, it will
take a longtime before I will ever be able to recreate the many
connections we had.

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