Cold Pray

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This morning we are off to the rink for a USFSA testing session.
There will likely be plenty of praying going on this Sunday Morning at
the Ice Rink.


We got to the rink a little early. Pulling into the parking lot
there is this older guy wandering aimlessly through the lot. As I
cautiously approach he suddenly decides to turn and walk right in front
of my car. I’m really glad I was watching him so closely or he
would have been squished.

So we went into the rink and checked in with the coaches and early
skaters. It sounds like the judges are pretty strict and several
of the early skaters didn’t pass their tests. They were
resurfacing the ice as we came in so we couldn’t see who the judges
were. All the skaters love the judges, we just love some of them
more than others 🙂

After the resurface the next group of skaters went out for their warmup
and I waited for the judges to come out. I noticed Aimless
Wanderer coming out of the hospitality room where the judges and
coaches go for refreshements. He proceded to go out to the Judges
area. Hmmm… I suddenly wondered how almost running over
one of the judges in the parking lot might affect Lindsey’s scores.

Lindsey skated her moves in the field well even though she did fall on
one series of moves. Hearing how tough the judges have been I was
worried that Lindsey wouldn’t pass. This is our second attempt at
this level and some skaters have tested several times at this level
before passing. One of the other skaters in Lindsey’s group also
fell and she passed so I wasn’t worried about that. We waited for
her scores and she passed! Now we could relax a little as there
might not be as much pressure for her Freeskate.

She skated great in her freeskate warmup. Landed every Axel
perfectly. She skated first in her group and skated well.
She struggled on both of her Axels and the judges called her back to do
another Axel after she finished. We weren’t very encouraged as we
waited for her results. I’ve seen her skate that routine better
but all in all she skated well. And it turned out to be good
enough to pass.

Congratulations Lindsey, all that hard work pays off.

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