Hard Core Night

A picture named IMG_4049.jpg Last
night was another concert night.  The first one in quite a
while.  We were misled by the website which told us the show
started at 7:00 when it actually didn’t start until 9:00.  So we
did a little wandering around down in St. Pete.  We ended up down
at Baywalk.  The girls went skipping down the walk and when I
tried to capture it on film it was a little jumpy 🙂
A picture named IMG_4064.jpg It was a hardcore show.  Lots of loud and screaming.
A picture named IMG_4076.jpg The
club had a seperate section for the band so I was able to hang out in
the “bar” area where it was just a little more quiet as there was a DJ
playing old Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd tunes.  The bartender was
serving up Tonic and Lime that for some reason was glowing under the
black lights.  She commented that I didn’t look like a hard core
kind of guy 🙂
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