I’m not sure these links…

I’m not sure these links will work but I’ll try anyway. If they are get
broke fix them I’ll do when I get home.

I don’t know how I found this site but it is wonderful. Beautiful
photographs, which I always like, and yummy looking food, which I always
like. Put them together and it’s two of my favorite things. The only
thing that could make it even better is some interesting translations to
Engrish, like:

“This and it is and does that it is hot by being.
The grated radish is …. …. delicious.”

Scroll down to the last photo to see the delicious grated radish which
apparently is and does by being hot.

Or how about,

“When you go to the beef bowl shop early in the morning

The loved bright red ginger
was much in the bottle.”

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