An interesting description of widowhood….

An interesting description of widowhood. I think that we spend much
time trying to understand this existence in such a way that we can
somehow keep an optimistic view. So that even in the deepest depths we
can hold on to the hope that it someday will be better. Not only better
than it is down in the depths, but the hope that someday it will be as
good as it was, and maybe in some ways, even better.

“The emotional devastation we feel is akin to a forest fire. It sweeps
through, killing all aspects of our former life with our spouse, laying
the whole zone bare, blackened and charred. Eventually, life will
return. Even more lush and vibrant perhaps. But it will take time, and
we will always see remnants of the old fire damage here and there,
despite how much it may become overgrown with new life.”

to Widda-World.

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