There was another article in…

There was another article in the paper this morning. This article reports on the results of Mr. Hemple’s traffic court appearance. The judge seemed to feel that Mr. Hemple didn’t care as much about what happened to us, as he did about himself. It doesn’t seem like much of a punishment but I think the judge gave him the maximum penalties he could.

The St. Pete Times reporter, Chris Tisch, (who thankfully got the paper to print a different photograph of Cindy!) has been following our story and been very supportive, like so many others, including the witnesses who were in the court room to testify. Each of the witnesses came by to give me hugs and offers to help in any way they could.

In case I haven’t already said this to you directly, Thank You, to everyone that has been thinking about us and helping us during this difficult time. I appreciate all your support and it helps us more than you can imagine. Just knowing that there are so many wonderful and caring people out there that are thinking about us helps me to realize that there is good in this world.

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