I touched her again.

Had a Cindy dream last night. This time she was happy and looked great,
wearing some sort of angel white knit top and white pants.  This
dream was different from all other dreams I’ve had of Cindy in that I
actually touched her. Nothing dramatic just a gentle touch. That is a
first. But of course as soon as the subconscious loses it’s
control over the conscious mind I wake up. Not anything like the mood of Judy. Instead I had serene sense of calm and wonder.

And then on the way to work I stopped off at the bagel place I used to
go to. I went in and ordered my usual Salt bagel with cream
cheese. They give you enough cream cheese for three bagels.
I used to order one salt with cream cheese and one plain plain and then
put half the cheese on the plain. I can’t eat that much anymore
so I just loose half the cream cheese. Anyway I went over to grab
an O.J. from the cooler and a young lady (almost young enough to be my daughter) was reaching for her morning
jolt of caffeine, aka Mountain Dew. She said something like, “need
my morning wake up”. I smiled an held the door of the cooler for
her. I paid for my bagel and as I left she wished me a great
day. It felt really strange. I don’t know how to describe
it, a similar sense of calm and perhaps happiness from my morning dream flowed over me.

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