Nina talks about the “unbearable

Nina talks about the “unbearable
lightness of parenting”

Everyday is like this for me with my girls. And I don’t ever need
anyone to remind me. It is impossibly heavy on your heart and soul
trying to make every day be Christmas, to correct all the mistakes, to
try and stop thinking about the fact that we will never again be the
family we once were. No matter how hard I try to “take back”, and “want
the chance to change”. I can’t even stop them and make them sit in my
lap so I can hold them anymore. They keep growing up and slowly
becoming young adults. They are maturing and seemingly need me less and
less every day, even as I feel I need them more and more. The trick is
to somehow ignore this heaviness of heart and try to enjoy the life we
have with them while we can.

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