When Cindy died we had…

When Cindy died we had so many people wanting to help us. The families
at schools the girls attend collected donations for us. One of our
friends in the neighborhood brought over the manila envelope that had
all the donations in it. I was so overcome as I opened it and saw what
it was. As I went through the donations there were many checks and one
that really struck me was for $1.00. It wasn’t the amount that mattered
to me it was just that there were so many people thinking about us. So
many people that cared in some way about what had happened to us and
wanted to express that caring in some way.

So when I read this
on one of the photo
I follow I knew what the widow was going through, and also now
understood what all of our friends were feeling during our time of loss.
As much as wanting to give her some money, I hoped that like me, just
knowing that there are people out there that care about her and her
family would give her some comfort and reason to have faith in human
kindness at a time when it is so hard to believe that is true.

If I haven’t already I wish to thank everyone who helped is in one way
or another, and also to thank those who did no more than think about us,
and care.

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