is talking fruit and veggies.

Every morning I make Lindsey a big container of fruit. I start with a
cored apple and dice it in large chunks. On top I add a variety of
other fruits depending on what looks good at the grocery. Pears,
grapes, straw berries (it’s the beginning of the season down here),
raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, mangoes, oranges, etc.

And Lindsey being vegetarian we usually get some veggies with dinner
when I have time to make it. Last night was stir fry veggies with red
curry, and some homemade veggie pot stickers.

Halley asked about raw vs. coked Broccoli and my first thought was I’ll
ask Cindy. Cindy was a dietitian. Out in the garage I have a file
cabinet that is filled with all her old nutrition files. Much of it is
old, at least 4 years old now.

Time is measured in reference to the accident. I have a built in
calendar to determine how much time has passed. I cleaned out the
pantry a while ago after I found some bugs in a box of crackers. I
found some things that I knew needed to be tossed because I remembered
having them when Cindy was alive.

One of my resolutions for this year is to clean up the house. Cindy was
real good at cleaning up and tossing out junk. It’s taken me up until
just recently when I can throw things out and not fear that I’m throwing
away memories.

So on Sunday I was going through those old files. I bet that somewhere
in the boxes of old nutrition papers I could have found something on
Broccoli nutrition. Or maybe not. But somehow going through the
process of throwing out, what I’m sure Cindy would have thought of as
junk, still felt like I was throwing out a few more little pieces of my
past with her.

And my guess is that raw Broccoli has more nutrition than cooked,
especially if you like smushy broccoli and you boil it.


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