I follow several widow/widower weblogs on the net. One that I read
regularly is Todd’s over at Rhymes With Drowning.

I have tried to describe it in my own words but have been unable to do
it. Instead I will quote from his
brother’s weblog

“Enough’s enough. I mean, really. Seriously. Enough’s f’ing enough.

Go pick on someone your own size. And for the record, my brother might
be tall, but he’s nowhere near your size.

Taking his wife from cancer was cheap and low. Taking his dad about six
weeks later was even lower. Then flooding his house with raw sewage on
Christmas Eve was like the rotten cherry on the crap-sundae.

So, tell me, universe, why you felt it was important to BURN HIS HOUSE
DOWN today?”

Reading about what he and his children have been through makes me want
to rush home and hug my daughters. Maybe we can go out for Pizza
tonight or something. It just makes me want to be with them and know
that we are okay. Oh, and we just had our ducts replaced too.

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