Dont Say Anything

Here’s one for the Clueless Train. I went to a local theater with my youngest to see some bands. I asked my oldest if she knew what style of music we were in for. She paused for a moment and then said Nerd Rock.

I usually occupy myself during the shows by taking pictures. I brought Lindsey’s camera this time to try out some low light photography. When we entered the theater they checked my bag and I showed them my camera. No problem. Most of these smaller bands don’t mind photos during the shows, and even some of the big name bands, like Jack’s Mannequin allow cameras. The “fans” post the photos on MySpace and provide free exposure for the bands.

Well it turned out that the headline band was a nerd band. As soon as they took the stage one of the theater employees tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I had a “Photo Badge”. I said no and he politley asked me to leave and put my camera in my car.

So, you will find photos for the bands MeWithoutYou, Piebald and Days Away but not for the headliner. The opening act bands were pretty good, and the headliners, well I guess I won’t “Say Anything” about them.

Oh, and by the way, the audience was filled with cameras and camera phones clicking away like crazy all through the shows. I think that I was singled out because Lindsey’s camera looks like a “professional” camera. Chelsey took almost 200 pictures during the evening with her point and shoot. I’m sure that the headline band wouldn’t want me to post any of those as I’m guessing that they would rather try to stay anonymous 🙂

She actually got quite a few nice shots that I won’t post as the band wouldn’t want any of their fans to see how excting the band is and I’m sure they don’t want other kids to know how excited my daughter was to go and see them in concert.

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