We have had these plants…

We have had these plants out front around the power company transformer box almost from the time the house was built 17 years ago. We got the bulbs from a friend that Cindy worked with and I don’t think we actually ever knew what they were.

We kept waiting each year in the spring but they never bloomed, but they looked nice during the summer and kind of hid the big green box and required much less maintenance than shrubs do. We always talked about getting rid of them and finding something that actually bloomed and had some color, other than green 🙂

Well this weekend when I was out doing yardwork I noticed something blooming in those plants! They have finally decided to bloom, or perhaps someone decided to help them bloom for us.

A picture named Closer.JPG

Peggy alerted me that these are Spider Lilies.
A picture named First Bloom.JPG
A picture named Bloom.JPG A picture named Bloom Too.JPG
The hibiscus out front never really bloomed either, but that was mostly because I keep trimming it back so it doesn’t cover the front of the house. Well it is blooming as well as are some of the other plants around the house. Spring has re-sprung! A picture named Purple.JPG
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