I have met some special people. People who are funny, loving, smart and beautiful. People who seem to care. I would like to be able to call them my friends. I so enjoy the time I get to spend with them. They make me feel part of the world. Like I might matter.

It feels like they could use some caring and compassion. I have plenty of that. Misplaced love and compassion. They are so deserving. I wish I could give the some of the emotion I have found recently.

There are so many of us that could use some consideration, compassion and caring. I have plenty to give but can’t figure out how to give it. These friends deserve what I could give, but also more than what I can give. Would it be better to give what I can, or to just watch and hope that they get what they should receive?

If they could only have, what I had. I wish in some way I could let them feel what that feels like.


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