I was collecting some music…

I was collecting some music to listen to that would remind me of Cindy. Cindy and I met in 1979 and I remember listening to Christopher Cross’ “Sailing”. I still have that album, on old analog vinyl so I put it on the mix I was making along with some old Karla Bonoff and some others. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot of the music we listened to or was playing on the radio at that time.

So I thought I’d go look at the old Billboard Charts for 1979 to see what was playing back then. So far I’m not able to find that information. I did find books for sale that list the Billboard 100 for each decade but I’m not sure it’s worth that much for me to find that info. I just thought it would be fun to see what music was playing back then.

If anybody knows how to find that info without having to spend $80 that would be really nice. Another good example of the ClueTrain in action (or not). Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to pay it’s just that I’d like to buy a month or two in 1979 and 1980 and perhaps for a few dollars not $80.

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